Game on at new esports center in Fishers


Sal Surra, owner of YES! Gaming, has been working on the business since March of last year, aiming to provide a space for esports players in Fishers.

“Over the last five, six years I’ve been watching the industry grow and seeing what’s going on,” Surra said. “I just felt there’s going to be a greater transition of gaming into more standardized sport versus where right now it’s a little bit chaotic.”

Surra anticipates explosive growth for esports in the coming years and expects the creation some day of an professional esports league, similar to the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. As a result, he wante to create a space where aspiring pro gamers and teams could train and refine their skills.

“It’s a state-of-the-art gaming center built for esports,” Surra said. “It’s about as equivalent to an actual esports tournament competition as you will get.”

The gaming center is focused on personal computer gamers because most esports competitions involve PCs. The facility is equipped with high-speed and powerful computers built for gaming with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay. The center also has a Nintendo Switch, a PS5 and Xbox console. Surra welcomes casual and competitive gamers to the facility.

Fishers City council member Cecilia Coble was among the city officials who attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Yes! Gaming.

“I learned a lot today. I am impressed,” Coble said. “I had no idea that this was a sport and is evolving. It’s amazing and I’m excited for the opportunity for our youth.”