Letter: Time for someone Eltz



I am writing in regard to a candidate for the Carmel City Council Southeast District seat, Jeremy Eltz. He and his beautiful family have been our neighbors for almost three years, and I can say without a doubt he’s the most qualified person for this role.

Jeremy is the neighbor everyone hopes to have. Sure, his holiday lights and garage gym are great, but it’s more than that. He is friendly, helpful and respectful. He genuinely cares about our street and our community in general and wants to make them better. Through his work as a director of education, it’s clear he possesses the knowledge and leadership skills perfect for this position.

Jeremy has the passion, courage, and grit to serve the City of Carmel in a way the citizens deserve. I say, as for the City Council Southeast District seat, it’s time for someone Eltz.

Nick Justice, Carmel