Construction of Boone County Justice Center underway


Phase 1 of construction for Boone County’s Justice Center began March 13.

The $60 million expansion project was proposed in 2022 to address the needs of the county’s growing population while expanding mental health resources in the community and adding more jail cells and offices for the Boone County Coroner and Community Corrections.

“Our priority is to ensure the seamless and timely completion of this project while keeping within the budget and completing the job safely for everyone involved. Despite ongoing supply chain challenges and price increases, we are committed to overcoming them to the best of our abilities,” Executive Project Manager Michael Nielsen stated.

As work continues, partial renovation of other divisions of the justice center will mean temporary relocation for some offices, including investigators, parts of corrections and administrative offices.

The Boone County Commissioners are working closely with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office administrative staff to transfer administrative operations to temporary housing at the Boone County Fairgrounds, which is scheduled to be finalized by April 3.

The project is expected to take two years to complete.