Carmel resident set to compete in Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide pageant


Luvleen Mudhar wants to be a mentor in her role as Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide.

The competition, set from June 6-9 in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, is open to those married, widowed or divorced. Mudhar, a 35-year-old Carmel resident, is married with two young daughters. Mudhar said there are approximately 150 contestants from around the world.

CIC COM 0418 Luvleen Pageant
Luvleen Mudhar models an evening gown. (Photo courtesy of Luvleen Mudhar)

“If I do win, I do want to give back not only to the Indian community, but to the community that I live in,” Mudhar said.

A pharmacist at Amazon, Mudhar is a first generation American.

“Growing up I faced a lot of bullying because I was Indian,” said Mudhar, who grew up in Chicago. “This was like 30 years ago, and it was really, really bad to the point where I was playing hooky, because I didn’t want to go to school. It was just a really sad point in my life until probably when I got to high school.”

Mudhar said she suspects bullying has reached an all-time high with social media and cyberbullying, and sometimes it’s so severe that youngsters take their own life.

“I would like to be a mentor for those kids that experience bullying, coming from someone who lived through it and made it out,” she said. “I want to help these kids get to a good place in their life. Every day I am networking across my community to help put a stop on bullying. If the work I put into my daughters and teaching other parents and children in my town helps even one child change the trajectory of their path, then it’ll all be worth it.

Mudhar was selected for the competition through a virtual audition. The pageant will include a talent, swimsuit and evening gown rounds.

“From there they are going to narrow us down to the top 25 and then from there the top five are chosen,” she said.

Those seeking Mudhar’s help, contact her at [email protected]