Noblesville Police Department officer receives longevity award


A Noblesville Police Department officer is among 23 law enforcement officials who were recently recognized by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute for their efforts in reducing impaired driving and making Indiana roads safer.

Andrew Reiss, who is part of the state’s Drug Recognition Expert program, was recognized by the ICJI with its longevity award for 25 years of service during the Indiana Traffic Safety Conference. DREs receive specialized training to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs and are often called upon by law enforcement to assist with traffic stops because of their training, according to the ICJI.

CIN COM 0509 police officer recognized

Reiss, who is a school resource officer with Noblesville Schools, is a lieutenant with the Noblesville Police Dept. He has been in law enforcement for more than 25 years.

“It is an honor to acknowledge the crucial role that these officers play in ensuring the safety of our roads and communities,” said Devon McDonald, executive director of ICJI. “Their top priority is to prevent drug-impaired drivers from endangering lives on the road.”

Jim Bryan, traffic safety director at the ICJI, said being a drug recognition expert is more than just a job, describing it as a calling.

“These experts are frequently faced with challenging situations where drivers may be under the influence of one or more illegal substances,” Bryan said. “The diligent work of each DRE to conduct thorough evaluations is essential to ensuring safety on the roads.”

Marshall Depew, Indiana DRE program coordinator, said the officers involved in the DRE program do not seek recognition for their efforts.

“Their goal is to equip themselves and their colleagues with the necessary skills to keep all road users safe from harm,” Depew said.