First Baptist Athletics facility improvements provide options for local families


Michelle Duncan and her two siblings grew up playing softball, baseball, soccer and basketball at First Baptist Athletics in north Indianapolis.

Now living in Carmel with three daughters, she still is involved with First Baptist. Cara, 8, plays softball, soccer and basketball at FBA. Anna, 6, plays basketball and soccer, and her twin sister, Kate, plays soccer.

Duncan said she is excited about the future at FBA with the recent groundbreaking for the Denny Barrett Fieldhouse, which will have four basketball courts that can be converted into two full-size basketball courts. The courts could also be used for pickleball. There is only one basketball court now. The Chambers Family Park has renovated and improved fields, redesigned concession stand and new family pavilion. Duncan coached co-ed soccer and coached basketball with her dad, Joe Breen, this past season. Mark Duncan, the girls’ father, has coached soccer and softball.

“I think these new courts and renovations will allow First Baptist Athletics to meet the demand that is out there for youth sports,” Duncan said. “They will help keep kids healthy and active. They will give opportunities to foster community. Personally, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for pickleball.”

Duncan said she enjoys sports at First Baptist for many reasons.

“It allows the children to develop their athletic skills, spend time with friends from school, and meet new friends,” Duncan said. “While I enjoy coaching my kids, they have also had wonderful seasons with other coaches, which allows them to learn from other individuals. It has been fun for me to have my kids play on teams with children whose parents I played with.”

Duncan is one of several families from Carmel who have children playing in the league.

Carmel resident Brian Carrico, who has coached four years in the program, plans to donate to the project.

“It’s a much-needed project for the community,” Carrico said. “The community needs these programs not only for kids to play sports, but to keep them active. It teaches them teamwork, discipline, responsibility and respect for coaches.”

Carrico said he likes the way FBA has put things together in one location and the scheduling. Carrico said athletic director Steve Carr and the administrators do a good job.

“They cover all sports,” Carrico said. “The scheduling for practice and games are as efficient as they can be. These additional basketball courts will allow many more kids to participate. I like that it’s all in one location.”

Carrico’s son, Harrison, who is nearly 4 years old, is playing tee-ball. Carrico is serving as the coach of tee-ball. His older son, Hunter, 7, is playing baseball.

Carrico is the assistant coach for 7–8-year-old boys baseball. He previously was assistant coach twice in basketball and head coach in flag football in 2022 and head coach of the baseball team last year.

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