Program to offer academic, career training


Student Impact of Westfield will offer training to youths with a focus on life preparation, academic and career guidance through a new program starting in September.

Champion’s Path, a private veteran-owned company based in Westfield, will be hosted by Student Impact of Westfield starting Sept. 15 that will provide a program known as “Our Compass Course.” The intensive, five-week curriculum will meet one evening a week and is designed to help young adults build their own custom academic and career plan intended to help direct them on their own with a unique path toward an honorable, successful and fulfilling life, said Jennifer McCulloch, director of operations for Champion’s Path.

“As part of the course, we also work with students to improve their social media skills, communication skills, financial stewardship skills and job interviewing skills,” McCulloch said. “We understand that many parents are increasingly concerned that their young adults are struggling to develop a realistic plan for what they will do after high school or college. We also know that even for college students or other young adults in the workforce, finding appropriate direction, identifying opportunity and successfully finding the right fulfilling career can be overwhelming.”

McCulloch said instructors with Champion’s Path also stress foundational values throughout the course that span and impact all career fields, such as integrity, work ethic, leadership, courage and honor. Courses through the program are taught by business owners who all have U.S. Marine, Special Operations Command or high-level U.S. military leadership experience, she added.

Students will also be eligible for scholarships provided by participating sponsors such as employers, technical schools and universities, officials said.

“It is our goal at Champion’s Path to help students identify potential academic majors, vocations, training skill institutions, colleges, internships, military or appropriate careers which will fit their personal goals,” she said. “Upon graduation from the course, students will have a custom academic and career plan, along with a Champion’s Path diploma. Additionally, each student will have a private, six-month post-graduation follow-up meeting with Champion’s Path staff to help ensure they are following their plan and moving in the right direction.”

The program will be offered in the evening after Student Impact’s programming is completed and will be housed in a new building that will be constructed on the organization’s property, said Danyele Easterhaus. Fundraising is underway for the new building addition, which is expected to be completed by September, according to Easterhaus.

“Since 1999, Student Impact has been on a successful mission to walk alongside students in grades 5 through 12 and help them build relationships through love and acceptance in a safe and consistent environment,” Easterhaus said. “To meet that mission, we have, and are always striving, to provide programs helping young adults find fulfillment in their lives.”

To learn more about Champion’s Path, visit or call 317-690-6821.