Letter: Republicans refuse to discuss uncomfortable truths



Our representative to Congress Victoria Spartz put her hand on a Bible on Jan. 3, 2021, and swore to “support and defend the Constitution.”

Three days later, a mob stormed the Capitol after then-President Donald Trump called them to D.C., to “fight like hell” to “stop the steal.” When order was restored, leaders and members of both parties strongly rebuked him.

A few weeks later, 57 of 100 senators found him guilty of the impeachable offense of “incitement of insurrection” (three less than needed to convict and bar him from office). Two years later, he absurdly called for terminating parts of the Constitution to retroactively declare him the “rightful winner” of the 2020 election.

Today, facing multiple criminal trials, he is the leading GOP candidate for president. During her Jan. 25 town hall meeting in Carmel, I asked Spartz if her oath of office and conservative values compel her to repudiate him for flagrantly rejecting the Constitution and the rule of law.

Before I could finish, I was booed and heckled by several of my fellow citizens. One misguided soul called me a Communist. Spartz neither defended my right to ask the question, nor gave a coherent answer. Unconditional loyalty to Trump is expected in her town halls, and no dissent tolerated.

Spartz and her Republican colleagues choose hypocrisy and dishonor over speaking uncomfortable truths about their leader. They put us on the path to crisis and chaos by capitulating to a seditious fraud who threatens retribution for his opponents and pardons for those who attacked the Capitol. Hoosiers of good faith must set aside partisan politics and unite in rejecting Trump and his enablers, and the calamity they would inflict upon our nation.

Mike Senuta, Carmel