Stress relief: Zionsville resident launches lifestyle business for busy moms


A Zionsville resident has created a “one-stop shop” for busy moms.

A mom of one daughter, Vikki Duke founded Insomnia Mom in the fall of 2023 with the goal of helping busy women and moms “organize, balance and direct” their lives.

“I started coming up with the idea about six years ago,” Duke said. “I myself was a busy mom and would have loved a place or company to go to with things I needed to relieve the mental load of everyday stressors.”

Insomnia Mom is a Zionsville-based business that caters to busy moms and women across Indiana. The company has an array of consultants who help with tutoring for children, offer college advice, financial education, share small business expertise and more. Each consultant specializes in a different area regarding different needs.

“We have over a dozen consultants helping support parents through multiple life challenges,” Duke said. “From kids with ADHD or a neurodiverse diagnosis to college readiness. We can help with aging parents, organization — all sorts of things that range everywhere from personal needs to help with family support for women. We’re the stop for every age and stage of life.”

Consultants Kathy BeMiller and Sarah Benneyworth were in moms groups with Duke and decided to get involved with the business.

“I’ve recruited them to help me collaborate and perfect this model once I decided we’d launch,” Duke said.

BeMiller, a communications expert who works in communications for Insomnia Mom, said she was “immediately intrigued” when Duke told her about the idea for the company.

“To be a part of a business whose goal it is to provide resources and support to all women excites me,” BeMiller said. “I understand the demands our busy society puts on women and the demands we put on ourselves. Providing communications expertise to spread the word about

Insomnia Mom and our consultants, through print and digital media, brings me so much joy.”

Benneyworth, an organized life facilitator and Insomnia Mom’s resource director, said she is honored to work with the company.

“Knowing Vikki and her tenacity and history of successful endeavors, I knew this would not fail,” Benneyworth said. “My absolute favorite part about this company is that we truly are women helping women. We are here to lift women up, not only our clients but also our consultants who are women with their own small businesses that need support, encouragement and guidance.”

Insomnia Mom will hold the grand opening for its office space at COhatch at 75 N. Main St. in Zionsville at 4 p.m. March 20. A ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce will take place on the front steps of the building.

“We had our soft launch, which is super common for startups or any company,” Duke said. “We did it to get recruitment and clientele and to sharpen our services. The hard launch is to do more of the public relations part. We are ready to say we’re launching. We’ve got our model and want to extend our services. We figured spring was a great time to do that.”

Duke said a company like Insomnia Mom did not exist when she became a mom. She has spent several years designing it and conducted a soft launch last fall.

“We want to help with the mental load of things to keep lives moving smoothly so that we can help women focus on what truly matters, like finding time for ourselves, our friends and our families,” Duke said.

Duke, who has lived in Zionsville for 12 years, said the name Insomnia Mom is derived from the stressors that keep moms up at night.

Outside of her work with Insomnia Mom, Duke is a full-time Realtor at Schuster Duke Realty Group. A Chicago, native, she attended DePaul University and St. Xavier University, where she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.

Duke is still applying her college knowledge to her work at Insomnia Mom.

“I was a schoolteacher and then moved to Zionsville and opened a tutoring company, which I had for many years,” Duke said. “I became a full-time Realtor and decided to take the tutoring company and put it under the umbrella of Insomnia Mom with all of our other services.”

Duke believes her business will also cater to women seeking to learn more about the small business community.

“It (connects) women in our community who own small businesses with the women in our community who need those small business services,” Duke said. “There’s really no model like that where we are bringing together women small business owners with women who need those services, and also giving them a hub and communication to offer personalized, flexible local support and resources within our community.”

Insomnia Mom will hold community events throughout Zionsville and at COhatch several times a year. Events include live workshops, virtual meetings and on-demand and digital libraries.

For more about the company and events, visit

Insomnia Mom Business Card Graphic
Insomnia Mom is a company that has consultants to help with tutoring for children, college advice, financial education, small business expertise and more. (Photo by Erin Taulman of 721 Photography)


What: The grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for Insomnia Moms will include an open house to meet consultants.

When: March 20

Time: 4 p.m.

Where: COhatch at 75 N. Main St. in Zionsville.