Westfield recognizes Municipal Clerks Week


A proclamation issued by Westfield Mayor Scott Willis honors the duties performed by the city’s clerk-treasurer’s office.

Willis issued a proclamation marking May 5 through May 11 as Professional Municipal Clerks Week during the April 22 meeting of the City Council.

Willis presented the proclamation to Westfield Clerk-Treasurer Marla Ailor, who leads the city’s six-person clerk-treasurer’s office.

By state law, the clerk-treasurer has more than a dozen specific duties, including keeping the city’s financial accounts, preparing the budget estimates and financial statements and maintaining the town seal and records. The clerk-treasurer also attends city meetings and records their proceedings.

“We’ve worked together now just a little over 100 days, and it’s been an absolute pleasure,” Willis said of Ailor. “The clerk’s office is really pushing right now to do a lot of things out of the box that we haven’t traditionally done in this city.”

The proclamation extends appreciation to the clerk’s office for the work and dedication of its employees. It notes the office of the clerk is a professional link between the citizens, local governing bodies and other agencies of government at other levels and serves as an impartial information center on functions of local government and community.

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve with the mayor,” Ailor said. “I have the least amount of experience in our office, but the staff combined has over 70 years of experience. They are an extraordinary group of individuals who not only leave the lights on and the agendas being produced, but in addition to the responsibilities we have as clerks we are also clerk-treasurers still here in Westfield. And we take our jobs very seriously.”

Ailor was elected as clerk-treasurer in 2023.