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Opinion: Sad goodbye, but time for me to fly

Friends, this month marks my 17th anniversary of writing for Current. Seventeenth! That’s approximately 850 weekly columns sharing my sometimes crazy, often mundane life in suburban Indiana. But an exciting…

Opinion: Lost art of scamming

Have you noticed that scamming is attracting fewer and fewer people who are really good at it? I am beginning to note a real lack of know-how in their approach.…

Opinion: A little harmless talk?

Born the fourth of nine siblings, Kim Wayans found fame as the reoccurring character Benita Buttrell on the early 1990s TV sketch comedy “In Living Color,” which was created and…

Opinion: Considering the telephone

Commentary by Ward Degler We still have a landline – a telephone that plugs into the wall. A lot of people have dropped their landlines, depending entirely on their cell…